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Return Policy

GTA Office Solution Return Policy

By purchasing goods from GTA Office Solution, you agree to the content of this document referred to as Return Policy.

  1. Any unused merchandise that is still in its original packaging can be returned to us for refund at the purchased price within one week of receipt.
  2. Delivery and Installation:
    • When GTA Office Solution provides delivery and assembly/installation of purchased products, we guarantee to replace any item found missing, damaged or malfunctioning at no cost to customer.
    • If the customer choses to deliver and/or assemble the merchandise on their own, our guarantee to replace damaged product during transportation or assembly/installation does not apply. Customers are expected to inspect the product before leaving our facility.
  3. Customers can exchange any item purchased from us within four weeks of the date of sale, given that, a new sale deal has to be agreed upon by both parties with respect to the items exchanged, prices and shipping/installation fees.
  4. All returns are subject to restocking fees with shipping, installation and labor cost applied as appropriate.
  5. In order to reflect future business requirements, we reserve to ourself the right to update the Return Policy anytime without prior notice.
  6. We urge you to print a copy of this Return Policy at the time of purchase as return conditions apply to your transaction upon the effective policy published at the transaction date.
    • The return procedure:
    • Customers can initiate a return by filling out the provided online form that is processed by our staff, communicated back with the customer for further arrangement.
    • Call our office at (905) 267-1000 where you can discuss the issue and initiate the return/exchange or credit processing regarding your purchase.

Updated: 12 Dec. 2018